Summer is only a few weeks away and East Texans know that it's expected to be very hot and humid, and after the strong winter storms we just experienced, your roof might need extra attention this year. Here are 3 Tips Homeowners can use to get their roof summer ready:1. Start with an InspectionYou can do a visual inspection of your roof or call us to a free in-depth inspection for you. Look for any shingles or tiles that are broken, lost, warped or cracking. The hail and snow did a number on some of our customers’ roofs, and minor... Read More »

51-Point Checklist to Spot Roof Hail Damage

Roof hail damage can be hard to spot. Especially if you’ve never looked for it before. But if your roof has been damaged by hail, your home may be vulnerable to roof leaks or more rapid deterioration of shingles or roofing materials. This checklist is a laymen’s guide to roof hail damage… …to equip you with some tricks of the trade to inspect your property and get an idea of whether or not you may have hail damage on your roof. PLEASE NOTE – Inspecting a roof can be dangerous. Always practice safety first. We do not advise you to get on your roof unless you have proper... Read More »