Lightning Protection Installation & Maintenance

A modern home can be a magnet for lightning strikes. The plumbing and electrical systems not only attract lightning, but they allow it to travel through the home in a blink of an eye. Along the way, the lightning surge will move through your home’s electrical system, including your appliances.

The damage from a direct lightning strike can be devastating. Appliances may become damaged, shockwaves from the strike may damage your home’s structural elements, and the lightning may even start a fire. Even near-miss lightning strikes can cause damage, and insurance companies don’t always accept those claims.

There are ways to protect your home and your family. A lightning protection system will keep your home safe from lightning strikes, and Cable’s Roofing can help install one that will neutralize the threat of lightning.

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What Is In A Lightning Protection System?

Lightning protection systems are reasonably simple. They’ve been around since the 19th century and while they’re not as visible as they once were, they basically function the exact same way as they did back then. They have three main parts:

Lightning Rod

Lightning rods are made of metal--normally copper--and the lightning rod for houses sits at the peak of the home. Large homes will sometimes require more than one. Older rods may be visible or hidden, and they come in a variety of styles. They all work the same, though.

Lightning rods intercept the electricity from a bolt of lightning. A lot of people mistakenly believe that they attract lightning. This isn’t so. When lightning strikes near the home, the lightning rod will intercept it so that it can neutralize it.


The lightning rod will direct the bolt of lightning through cables that are installed in the home. These low impedance cables attract the lightning away from important systems in the house, like the electrical system, plumbing, and metal structural elements.

Lightning follows the path of least resistance, and the cables offer very little resistance. This invites the lightning to follow them. The cables lead the lightning to a safe place where it will harmlessly discharge.

Ground Rod

The cables lead to a series of ground rods around your home. They’re buried underground, and they’ll safely discharge the lightning bolt into the ground around your home, nullifying its effects in the process.

The rods and the system itself will create a cone of safety around your home. Larger homes will require more ground rods and more lightning rods, but in general, there will be a protected zone that lightning won’t be able to penetrate.


Lightning Rod Installation In East Texas

Installing a lightning rod on your own home is not a DIY project. You need certified professionals who can ensure that the system functions properly. Lightning protection systems aren’t complicated, but if they aren’t done correctly they can make a lightning strike infinitely worse for you and your family.

Cable’s Roofing is certified with lightning protection systems and lightning rod installation. We’ll be able to install a system in your home that will protect it, and we can do so throughout East Texas. With a combination of a lightning rod system and surge protection around your home, you’ll be totally safe from lightning.

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