Silicone Roof Coating Restoration

Traditionally there have been two options when a commercial flat roof needs to be repaired. You can either pay for the repairs out of pocket or delay them and hope for the best.

However, Cable’s Roofing offers silicone roof coatings, an alternative that can save you time and worry, all while extending the life of your roof by up to 20 years. Silicone roof coatings are applied over your existing roof structure and accomplish the following things:

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The Benefits of Silicone Roof Coatings


Silicone roof replacement costs half of what a traditional roof replacement costs:

  • They’re easy to install, lowering installation costs
  • Silicone itself is a cost-effective material
  • Silicone roofs last decades, reducing repairs and maintenance

Energy Efficient

You can expect up to a .50/square foot yearly savings on energy bills with a silicone coating:

  • They reflect UV rays that heat your building
  • They shed heat and cold so that your air circulates better
  • They lower air conditioning and heating costs

Eco Friendly

Silicone roof coatings are one of the most environmentally friendly roofing solutions:

  • Installation creates little to no waste
  • They do not require dumping materials in a landfill
  • They generate no air pollution or airborne chemicals


Silicone is UV ray and water-resistant, which eliminates the wear and tear from:

  • Extended exposure to the sun
  • Water collecting on the surface
  • Snow, rain, and adverse weather

How Silicone Roof Coating Installation Works

Silicone roof coatings go over your existing low-sloped roof, regardless of its material composition. They add decades to the overall life of your roof and are guaranteed by a 20-year warranty protecting your investment.


Power washing removes dirt, debris, and any grease stains that may prevent the coating from adhering to the surface.


Before spraying your coating, we’ll reseal the flashing, drains, and any cracks in your roof, creating a water-tight seal.


We’ll spray on your 100% silicone roofing system, and even large jobs can be completed in a day or less.


Silicone roofing doesn’t require the removal of existing roofing materials, so clean-up takes minutes.

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Special-Use Silicone Coatings

Cable’s Roofing offers a variety of specialty roof coatings that can help meet your particular needs:

Color Matching Silicone

Progressive Materials coatings are available in a variety of standard and premium colors. Exact color matching is also available, allowing you a limitless array of color options.

Wildlife Deterrent Silicone

Progressive Material's wildlife-deterrent silicone is an eco-friendly way to deter wildlife from housing on your roof without causing them harm or breaking any environmental regulations.

Silicone Walkway System

PM’s silicone walkway system provides a safe walkway for maintenance men, HVAC crews, and employees to walk on, all while protecting your roof from dropped tools and the weight of people.

Surface Leveling Silicone

Progressive Material’s surface-leveling silicone goes over BUR gravel roofs, providing a fast, and affordable way to extend the lifespan of an old roof.

Fully Reinforced Coating System

Polyester roofing fabric and two coats of Progressive Materials silicone roof coating creates a reinforced roofing system that provides more rigid protection for your building.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Silicone Roof Coating?

A silicone roof coating is either rolled or sprayed onto an existing roof surface. The silicone penetrates into cracks, repairs blisters, and plugs seams. It doesn’t add much insulation, but it will totally restore your commercial flat roof.

Cable’s Roofing is certified with Progressive Materials Silicone Roof Restoration Coatings and these can be applied to almost any style of low-slope or flat roofs, including BUR gravel and metal.

How Do Silicone Roof Coatings Work?

Silicone roof coatings are sprayed on top of your existing roof. They produce an exceptionally smooth, uniform sheet on top. Underneath, the silicone penetrates into cracks and seams to provide an impenetrable seal.

They don’t replace your roof, but they do extend its life by 20 years.

Can A Silicone Coating Repair Any Roof?

Silicone coatings are designed to repair flat roofs, and there are a variety of formulations that are designed to work with all types of flat roof construction, including mod bit, BUR gravel, and more modern method.

Is Silicone Better Than Acrylic?

The short answer is yes. Acrylic coatings are water-soluble, which means that they don’t provide the same water resistance as silicone. It also means that they’re more difficult to apply and often require multiple coats.

Can A Silicone Roof Repair All Damage?

No. Some roofs, near the end of their serviceable life, will need to be fully replaced. For example, if more than 25% of the roof’s substrate has gotten wet, then a silicone coating will just seal that moisture in.

Can You Walk On A Silicone Roof?

It isn’t advisable to walk on a silicone roof when it hasn’t been coated in a special coating. It’s incredibly slippery and you could get injured. Cable’s Roofing can install a Progressive Materials Silicone Walkway on your roof that is easy to walk on and protects your roof from impact.


Same Results. Half The Price.

A silicone roof coating will extend the life of your roof for years to come, all while saving you money on installation, maintenance, and energy costs.

Cable’s Roofing is a certified Progressive Materials installer and we’re available to help you find the solution to fixing your low-sloped roof.

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